September 9, 2015

About Us

JNNC is one of the leading providers of Career Based training programs along with professional certification courses. We associate with industry experts to deliver the training requirements of Job seekers and working professionals.

JOB SEEKERS                       PROFESSIONAL                       QUALIFIED TRAINERS                                 COURSES

286,000                                               18000                                     180                                            66                                                                                                                                                             

          VISION                                                                                                  MISION

To become a globally admired organisation.                                 Our mission is to provide best in class education

Engage Job seekers, Working Professionals,                                via robust technology platform and to achieve

Employers and Universities around the globe                              utmost customer satisfaction.

for fulfilling their needs through Education.

We are empowering learners around the world


We are working towards delivering excellence through Education.
Our Story, A professional blogger whose aspiration was to help job seekers find a career, he helped learners to find right training institutes and courses, he assisted job aspirants with interviews tips, he also shared people’s feelings and kept motivating them in their rat race.


We are just one among you! Curious to Learn, Eager to Share and Submissive to Serve. And we are Asia’s leading training provider in career development programs.
A leader in class room based training programs for job seekers, we build education programs, prepare exams and lab modules that can aid better learning. We offer conducive learning environment on a robust technology platform, leading to an optimal learning.
We are constantly enhancing our learning features to make it more users beneficial.


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