Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training in vizag

Absolute Beginners Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Hands on course to get you started in AWS by creating free account, learning key concepts & applying best practices

What you’ll learn

  • By the end of the course, every student will get a clear picture of what AWS offers and How to get started in AWS from creating account to the best practices that needs to be followed from ground up.
  • Understand the concept of free tier and services that are covered under free tier
  • By the end of the course student will no longer call him/herself a Beginner in AWS
Account Setup
Create a new AWS Account
Setup Billing Part1
Setup Billing Part2

Identity & Access Management

Understand Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Apply Password Policy to IAM Users
Understand IAM Policy & Apply Manage Own MFA policy to Developers & Testers
Enable Cloud Trail to track API Usage

Introduction to AWS Services & AWS CLI

Walking through different services offered by AWS
What is AWS CLI and why we need to use it ?
Test CLI Setup

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Introduction to EC2 Part 1

Introduction to EC2 Part 2

Part 1: Launch EC2 Instance (Linux)
Part 2: Launch EC2 Instance (Linux)
Part 3: Terminate EC2 Instance (Linux)
Launch & Terminate EC2 Instance (Windows)
More about Security Groups

AWS S3 Introduction

What is S3 and Why we need to use it ?
S3 Buckets & Objects Introduction
Create First S3 Bucket
Bucket Policy & IAM
S3 Versioning Concept
Using AWS CLI to Upload and Download Objects
S3 Recap


  • Absolute beginner, No previous AWS skills required
  • Computer with any OS

I am pretty sure that you might have heard about AWS being one of the highest paying job roles in today’s industry, If yes, then what are you waiting for ? Add AWS to your skill set and get a boost in your career.

Are you not sure of where to begin ?

Well you are in the right place, As I have designed this course keeping an “Absolute Beginner” in my mind and a complete “Hands On” approach so that you get a very good practical understanding of the key concepts and best practices when starting off your learning path towards Amazon Web Services.

Here is what I have covered in this course.

  1. Account Setup
  2. Identity & Access Management
  3. AWS Services & CLI
  4. Overview of EC2
  5. Overview of S3
  6. AWS Free Tier
  7. Conclusion

Well I am pretty sure that by the end of the course, you will walk away with enough knowledge and experience in AWS and you will never call yourself a Beginner in AWS any more. well if that doesn’t happen, you know about Udemy Return policy.

I am really excited to see you in the course.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who likes to get started in AWS
  • Absolute beginners who wants to setup AWS account with best practices
  • Anyone who wants to understand what services are offered in free tier and what they can do using free tier


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