Dot Net Training in Vizag           

JNNC Technologies offers best (Dot Net Training in Vizag) with most experienced professionals.

Our Instructors are working in Dot Net and related technologies for more years in MNC’s.

We aware of industry needs and we are offering Dot Net Training in Vizag in more practical way.

We framed our syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level.



  • .Net Framework Fundamentals
  • .Net Framework Components
  • Architecture of .Net Framework
  • Introduction to C#
  • Datatypes of C#
  • Operators
  • Placeholders
  • Type Casting
  • Boxing and Unboxing
  • Programming Constructs in C#
  • Arrays
  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Advanced OOP Concepts
  • Working with Class and Object
  • Static Variables and Static Methods
  • Constructors and Destructors
  • this Keyword
  • Overloading and Overriding
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  • Sealed Classes
  • Properties
  • Indexers
  • Namespaces
  • Delegates and Events
  • Exception Handling
  • Multithreading
  • Attributes
  • Collections and Generics
  • Introduction to WebApplicaions and ASP.Net
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Creating ASP.Net Pages and Web Forms
  • Standard Controls
  • Validation Controls
  • Navigation Controls
  • Login Controls

HTML Controls

  • Introduction SQL-Server 2008
  • Working with SQL Commands
  • Stored Procedures
  • Introduction to ADO.Net
  • Data Bound Controls
  • Connectivity with MS-Access, Oracle and MS SQL-Server
  • Web Services
  • WebUser Controls
  • Query String
  • Sessions
  • Cookies
  • Master Pages
  • Themes with Style Sheet and Skin Files
  • XML
  • WebConfig File
  • AJAX
  • Caching
  • Tracing
  • Server Objects


  • Introduction to VB.Net
  • Working with Winforms
  • IDE
  • Standard Controls
  • Enhanced Controls
  • Introduction to Database
  • Working with SQL-Server Commands
  • Introduction to ADO.Net
  • Working with Data Controls
  • Database Connectivity with MS-Access, Oracle and SQL-Server
  • Live examples with Database Connectivity
  • Creating Custom Controls
  • Error Handling in Winforms
  • Creating MDI Forms
  • Packing and Deploying Applications


Training Details :

1.The advantage with .NET is that,it is a framework from Microsoft.

2.What makes it powerful is its support for multiple language like C#,VB.Net etc.

3. .NET offers functionally and features that support the development and running of windows based application.

4. Since in addition, it also offers connectivity with non-windows platform 

5. It is a known fact that windows is a widely used and most popular OS platform. That’s the reason why .NET is so commonly  used to develop software application in the IT industry.Dot Net Training in Vizag




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