MEDICAL CODING



Medical coding is a specialized profession within the wider field of healthcare administration. Medical coders translate the written documentation into universally accepted, industry standard medical codes. These codes are used to submit claims to third party payers, and to gather statistical information, both by tracking incidents of specific disease, and by discerning developing trends in treatment protocols. Medical coding specialists play an essential role in the business of healthcare. Using alphanumeric diagnosis and procedure codes, they communicate critical information about medical conditions and treatments. Coders translate medical terminology into a standardized format, allowing information to be transmitted accurately and efficiently between healthcare providers and insurance payors. When coding is done properly, patients, providers, and payors all benefit


Here is a lot to love about a career as a medical coder. Medical coders should continue to be in high-demand throughout the future of healthcare. Even though software has been developed to assist with the role, a qualified person is needed to enter the data, and follow up on any discrepancies between the health care provider (physician), the hospital, and the insurance company. An effective and efficient coder is essential to the financial success of a practice. The coders help the physicians to get reimbursed accurately and on time. The hours for medical coders are fairly set and standard. The demand for a medical coding specialist has increased exponentially in the past few years. Certified medical coders are in demand across the globe, especially in US, Middle East, and India.



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Program Material

This Clinical Training Program provides hard copy of program material which is exclusively designed by industry professionals. All books are concise and appropriate as learning reference. List as follow:

Computer knowledge


To become industry ready entry level professional, apart from subject knowledge, lots of practice required. To provide industry level of practice environment, JNNC is providing a unique practice platform named RIGHTCODE.

Using this Platform you will get access of more than 100 defined assignments where you will get expert level feedback just after submitting your work.

This feedback will help you to improve your coding as per industry standards.

Assessment and its associated feedback are essential to learning. JNNC believes that “Well designed assessment has numerous benefits aside from the obvious one of providing a measure of students’ progress as it can be a means to engage students with their learning.”

As believer of well-designed assessments for better learning, we have designed lots of assessments to assess your technical, communication and aptitude skills at different stages of this course.

As part of this program, students will attempt 30 assessments.

Final Assessment

This Clinical programming course has a final assessment comprising of Computer Knowledge and aptitude. This assessment is mandatory for every participant who is enrolling for this program.