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Python Course in Vizag – Core, Advanced Python Training Institute in Vizag with Django Framework @ JNNC TechologiesTraining Experts

JNNC Technologies Training Experts Offers job oriented and placement Focused Python course in vizag. We are the top most Python Training Institute in vizag. In Python Course we will train Core Python, Advanced Python, Django Framework With latest Trends.


  • Our Python course content created by industry experts, to full fill industry expectations.
  • Such detailed training in Python course, helped our students to secure jobs in various MNCS.
  • The trainers at Aditya Training Experts are subject specialist and corporate professionals.
  • They will provide in depth training in Python Course in vizag.


Python Course Curriculum is created by 9 years industry Experts to full fill industry expectations. Join JNNC TechnologiesTraining Experts to become Expert in Python course. We are one of the best computer training institutes in vizag offering Python Course Since 2007.

Python Overview 

  • In Brief What is Python?
  • About Birth of Python
  • Overall Python Timeline
  • In Brief Features of Python
  • About Versions of Python

The Python Environment

  • About Installation of Python
  • Overall about Python Documentation
  • About Getting Help
  • In Brief Python Editors and IDEs
  • About Basic Syntax
  • In Brief about Running a Python Script
  • About Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows

Getting Started

  • About Keywords
  • Overall about Data Types
  • About Variables
  • In brief about Naming Conventions
  • About Print(),Type(),Id() Functions
  • Overall Input(), Raw input() functions
  • In Brief about Conversion functions
  • About Del Keyword

String Handling

  • In Brief about What is String?
  • About Single-quoted string literals
  • Overall about Tripe-quoted string literals
  • In Brief about String Indexing
  • about String Slicing
  • In Brief about Working with String Functions
  • Overall about Working with String Methods


  • About Arithmetic Operators
  • In Brief about Relational Operators
  • Overall about Logical Operators
  • About Assignment Operators
  • In Brief about Short Hand Assignment Operators
  • Overall about Bitwise Operators
  • About Membership Operators
  • In Brief about Identity Operators

Flow Control

  • About Flow Control
  • In Brief about Conditional Statements
  • (Simple if, if…else, if…elif…)
  • Overall about Looping Statements (while loop, while … else, for loop,infinite loop, nested loops)
  • About Break
  • Continue
  • About Pass


  • About Sequences
  • Overall about Lists
  • In Brief about Tuples
  • About Indexing and Slicing
  • Overall about Iterating through a sequence
  • In Brief about Functions for all sequences
  • About Operators and keywords for sequences
  • In Brief about xrange() function
  • About Nest sequences
  • In Brief List comprehensions
  • Overall about Generator expressions

Dictionaries and Sets

  • About Dictionaries
  • When to use dictionaries
  • Overall about Creating Dictionaries
  • About Getting dictionary values
  • In Brief about Iterating through a dictionary
  • Overall about Reading file data into a dictionary
  • About Counting with dictionaries
  • In Brief About sets
  • About Creating sets
  • Overall Working with sets


About Functions in Python

  • About Defining a function
  • Overall about Calling a function
  • In Brief about Function Parameters
  • About Returning Values
  • Overall about Variables scope
  • In Brief about Call by value
  • About Call by reference
  • Overall about Passing collections to a function
  • In Brief Passing functions to function
  • About Lamda function


  • What is a module?
  • About Creating user defined module
  • In Brief about Setting path
  • Overall about import statements
  • About Module search path From … Import
  • Overall about Module Aliases
  • In Brief about Dir function
  • Overall about Working with Standard modules
  • In Brief About (Math, Random, Date and time, Os and sys, String,)

Errors and Exception Handling

  • Overall about Syntax Errors
  • What is Exception?
  • About Need of Exception handling
  • In Brief about Predefined Exceptions
  • Overall about Predefined Exceptions Hierarchy
  • About Except, try, finally clause
  • Overall about Handling Multiple Exceptions
  • In Brief about User defined Exceptions
  • About Raise, assert statements

File Handling

  • About Opening a file
  • Overall about Closing a file
  • In Brief about Writing data to files
  • About Reading a data from files
  • In Brief about Tell(),Seek() functions
  • About Working with Directories

Advanced Python

Advanced Python Course

  • About Object Oriented programming
  • In Brief about Defining Classes
  • Overall about Creating object
  • About Class methods and data
  • In Brief about Static methods
  • Overall about Private methods
  • In Brief Constructors
  • About Destructors
  • In Brief about Inheritance
  • Overall Types of inheritances
  • In Brief about Polymorphism (over loading & over riding)
  • About Data hiding

Regular Expressions

  • What is regular expression?
  • About Wild card characters
  • In Brief about Forming regular expressions
  • Overall about Character classes
  • About Quantifiers
  • In Brief about Greedy matches
  • Overall about Grouping
  • About Match, Search functions
  • In Brief about Matching vs. searching
  • About Sub functions
  • In Brief about Splitting a string
  • About Replacing text
  • In Brief about Flags

Multi Threading

  • About Defining a thread
  • In Brief about Starting a thread
  • Overall about Threading module
  • About Threads synchronization
  • In Brief about Multi threaded priority queue

Database Access

  • About Basics of database
  • In Brief about Connections
  • Overall about Executing queries
  • In Brief about Transaction management

Additional topics

  • Overall about GUI Introductions
  • In Brief about GUI Controls Examples
  • About Working with XML Data
  • In Brief about Serializing Objects (Pickling)
  • About Python and the Web
  • Working with CGI
  • CGI Uploading File
  • In Brief about CGI Sending Mails
  • About Python Testing & Debugging
  • Overall Debugging concepts with examples
  • About Python Testing Concepts and Unit Test Examples


Python mainly used for developing desktop applications, web applications, scientific and numeric applicationsPython is a scripting language like PHP, Perl and Ruby. Many MNC  vizag computer institutes Companies like computer training institute in vizag Facebook, Google, Youtube, Spotify and Quora best coaching center in vizag uses python for developing their Websites.

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