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Google’s Android OS runs 81% of smartphones worldwide and has shipped over one billion units this past year alone.

Introduction to Android

Introduction to Android Platform

Android Stack

Android Versions and Installing Android SDK and updating SDK components


Using the Emulator

Android vs. Other mobile platforms

Your First Android Application

Application Life Cycle

Application Components

Activity life cycle

Manifest File, Layout XML Code

Strings , The R File

Java Source Code

Java based layout vs. xml based layout

Eclipse Visual Layout Editor


UI Design for Android

Using different layouts – LinearLayout and TableLayout etc.

Drawable Resources

Resolution and density independence

Working with common widgets

Working with ListView and Adapters

Creating and using option menu


Introducing Intents


Intent filters

Invoking activities by class name and URI

Sharing data using Extras Bundle and URI parameters

Working with Tabs and Fragments

Files and Database

Using File System

Introducing SQLite on Android

Database Connectivity

Cursors and content values

Using ContentProvider to share data

Understanding Security model

Working in background

Introducing Service and its life cycle

Creating and starting a service

Types of services

Working multi-threading and AsyncTask

Broadcast receivers

Triggering receivers with intents

Responding to system events using Broadcast receivers


Telephony and SMS services

Bluetooth , Network and WiFi

Multimedia and Camera

Accessing Internet and Web Services from Android App.