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Corporate Training:

JNNC Technologies Corporate Training enhances skills, save time and money and contributes to organizational success.
From business skills to team building, corporate etiquette to leadership training, service JNNC to superior customer service,JNNC Technologies provides corporate training on different skills.

Our training team is lead by India’s best motivational speaker and corporate trainer.

Our impactful and result oriented training will surpass your expectations. Give us an opportunity and we will ensure your organization will experience limitless growth.

Class Room Training:

Why Classroom Training:

Classroom training is considered the most effective form of learning.

Within classroom training, you have the opportunity to interact with an experienced certified instructor in person and discuss ideas and problems with your peers and colleagues.

The classroom environment provides the important “human touch,” which is often missing in technology-based training.

Benefits Of Classroom Training:

  • Individual Attention to Participant Needs
  • Learning from Other Participants.
  • Building Personal Relationships.
  • Building a Personal Network.
  • Expert trainers who make the learning experience engaging, interesting and enjoyable.
  • Networking with other learners, sharing experiences and social interaction.
  • Immediate help and support with correcting mistakes and getting it right.
  • Quiet, dedicated time out of the office to really focus on your needs.

Online Training:

JNNC Technologies is a leading online learning website that helps anyone learn software,technology and creative skills to achieve personal  and professional goal.Through individual,corporate,academic and government subscriptions,members have access  to the JNNC Technologies.

We are  one of the best world’s foremost certification training providers.we provide online training in disciplines such as  JAVA,.NET,PYTHON,SOFTWARE TESTING,ANDROID,AWS. Others, where technologies and best practices are varying quickly and command for qualified candidates significantly exceeds supply.